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Something is just not right about your website but you are not sure what to do about it!

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Help!  My WordPress website needs a makeover…

You’ve done the heavy lifting; getting your hosting and domain, installing your website and writing all of that content.

After playing around with several themes, you just can’t seem to get the look you are going for – something is just not right!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get someone to cast a seasoned, expert eye over your entire online presence and, not only show you what to do, but take much of the heavy lifting off you?

Well, that is what we do – we evaluate, re-structure and re-design your website – with you – during our real-time WordPress re-design sessions.  Take a step back and let us bring our little touch of magic to your website!

Why Choose WordPress Re-Design?

  • Quick turnaround – we work together to re-design your website in just one day!
  • Live build sessions, which mean you are involved in every part of the build
  • Real-time, interactive process, that keeps you involved
  • Save thousands on a full agency re-design
  • Professional, premium software to get the best results
  • Be confident that your website is solidly built

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Is This Service For Me?


You want to be a part of the re-design

You want to be a part of the re-design, not taking over but guiding the project towards your ideal outcome.  Our real-time, iterative process makes this exceptionally easy – we are a team on this project 🙂


You Want Experienced Advice

We started this business after over 15 years designing custom websites for our clients. We have degrees in business, have started and funded several businesses, won funding through technology incubators and have poured over countless strategy plans.  We don’t just bring our website design skills, we bring a powerhouse of business strategy acumen and a desire to support you to succeed.


You still want it to look professional and beautiful!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression – this has never been as true as with websites today.  Potential clients evaluate your website in under 3 seconds – if they are not intrigued in that time, they quickly bounce back to Google and try the next option on their endless list of options.  Great targeted design stops this from happening – that is where we come in!


You Prefer To Delegate Tasks

This service is designed for people who want to get their hands dirty.  If you prefer to command a team to help you fulfil your tasks and goals then this is probably not the service for you as you will need to be heavily involved in the process.


You Have The Time

Everything is a time vs money trade off. If you don’t have much money but you do have time and enthusiasm, it is a fantastic investment that not only produces a website but also the dividend of a skill and knowledge that you will have for a lifetime.  You won’t need to run to a web developer every time you need a little change, want to change direction or run into trouble – you will have learned how to do it yourself.


You Are Looking For Cutting Edge Custom Design

We love cutting edge custom design but it is a slow, intense and extremely involved process that takes hours of research and experimentation to craft an exceptional piece of work.  That investment of time comes at a price, if you want completely custom built websites then this is not the service for you.  Decide on the style you love, find a designer who excels in that design ethos and have a generous budget ready to go.


You Want Your Website To Grow With You

No business survives its first exposure to clients… it either adjusts course or dies.  You need to be able quickly to make those little changes that come from listening to great clients so your service continues to evolve. Wordpress is incredibly adaptable and can incorporate almost any functionality, from events to e-commerce and membership.  When you are ready to grow, your website is ready to grow with you, and we are here if and when you need a professional hand.

Our Redesign Projects

“Orla took my website to the next level, she’s a CSS genius! She’s easy to communicate with, she listens and she heard exactly what I wanted, which is rare in the world of web design. She also works fast, smart and crafts the small finishing touches that make the big difference to the overall look and feel. Don’t hesitate to book something with her – you won’t regret it.”

Abby Wynne

Shamanic Psychotherapist & Energy Healer


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Get Help From Just €250

If you’ve put in the hard work of creating your own website – it can sometimes seem like the internet is awash with information but you are alone with your specific issues.  Not any more, we are here to help you either improve your existing site or add the functionality you need to grow your business.

Our services and pricing are completely transparent, so you can feel confident, calm and in control when it comes to upgrading your website.

Mini Makeover

The first thing people see when they come to your website is your header. It should be clear, beautiful and professional, yet also not take from the purpose of your website – selling your product or service! We backup and update your website to prepare it and then clean up and redesign your header, so it looks professional and easy to use.


Midi Makeover

Every redesign is individual – we review your existing website and discuss what you would like to achieve. We always backup and update your website in preparation. Depending on the size of your pages, the half-day re-design typically includes a makeover of the headers, footers, homepage and one other general page template. We then record a personalised style video, showing you how to use the page template to update the rest of your website and how to keep making changes, while still keeping them within your new professional restyle.


Maxi Makeover

Initial consultation to ensure we have access to your website and to discuss design options. Website fully backed up and updated before project start. Full website redesign including headers, footers, homepage, up to 4 internal pages and your blog pages. Makeover of the blog archive, single and category pages to suite the new website style. Customised page template that you can use to add or upgrade additional pages in the future and a custom recorded individual style guide video for your website. 40 minute follow up call the week after to answer any questions and fix any additional small issues. Full backup of the website on completion of the project.


I need some new functionality!

It is time for your business to move on from a simple static website to provide some advanced functionality.  Here are just a few of the options that we have added to our clients sites.

Integrated appointment booking system

If you are looking for appointment bookings, we highly recommend the system that we use ourselves.  It creates a beautiful and easy-to-use sales conversion tool that integrates fully into your website.  With custom emails, free appointments, custom questions and payments that can be stand alone or integrated with WooCommerce.  Price includes the price of the software and full setup and implementation.


E-Commerce System

A full ecommerce system allows you to take orders, set shipping details, send custom confirmation details, control stock levels, calculate taxes and manage orders via a comprehensive reporting and management system.  We use Woo-Commerce to create a comprehensive ecommerce solution for your business, allowing you to easily sell physical, digital or service-based products online and take payments confidently via Paypal or Stripe.  We create up to 5 products and show you how to add as many as you need.


Professional Events System

When you need a more professional events solution, that allows you to sell tickets and record attendees for your events, we recommend The Events Tribe.  This software allows you to set multiple venues and organisers, and integrates completely with Woo-Commerce, so your clients have one unified payments and account experience.  Once payment has been confirmed, tickets are delivered automatically to their inbox and you can check them into the event via QR code or attendee list.


(€450 if you already have WooCommerce setup)

Let’s discuss your project!

We know you’ve tried your best to do it yourself! The hardest project you will ever work on is your own – even we struggle when building our own websites, because you are always your own worst client. We have over 15 years experience of both building our own businesses and bringing hundreds of others to life – we would love to hear about yours and help you make it shine.

This is a 100% no obligation, no sales chat.  You know our prices, we are very clear and transparent about our services.  This chat is just to see if we would make a good team to transform your website into a beautiful, professional and sales focused home for your amazing business.