About Us

We are a small team living on the edge of an island on the edge of Europe – you could say that we are living on the edge…  We love helping people to bring their ideas to life online.

With a very diverse set of backgrounds, combining over 20 years of website design, development, customer service, business startups, funding, floundering and success, we bring you a service that perfectly blends these experiences to support and lift you and your exciting new business.

Why We Do This

Having spent years building custom designed websites for our clients, we found that many great new businesses were priced out of the work we were creating.  Between creating information architectures, wireframes, concept designs, building, testing and maintaining – the process of creating a website had become very involved and time consuming.

Our first love is for ideas and for the people who decide to take a chance on creating something of their own, but we found that we were working with fewer and fewer of those sparky people as they years went on.



It was a chance meeting with our first co-creation website client that she mentioned she already had a website built using a builder but she just couldn’t get it to look the way she needed it to.  That got me thinking – with the proliferation of website builders, page builders and WordPress ‘How To’ guides, many people are going it alone and finding that the promise doesn’t live up to the reality.

They don’t need a full website design process – they just need a helping hand, someone who can make sense of what they have done and help them mould it into a website that they are proud of – that, my friends, is how Page Pixie was born :-).



Orla Fitzmaurice

Orla Fitzmaurice

Business Strategy, Design & Development

Here is the serious bit – my bio:  I graduated with an BA in Economics and Finance in 2003. After several years working in both AIB New York and HSBC Ireland I co-founded Buyers’ Broker Limited, championing Irish property buyers in a difficult market.  As creative director, I was responsible for the digital and professional appearance of the company and won Best Business Twitter campaign at the 2013 Digital Media Awards. Having completed a graduate degree in Business Innovation Management with the DCU Ryan Academy in 2013, I created goBramble – an innovative plant identification app – and won a place on both the New Frontiers and NDRC tech incubators.  While this was an incredible experience that exposed me to the invaluable lean business strategy methodologies, unfortunately, the concept was a little too early for the technological implementation.

I have been a professional graphic and web designer for over 15 years working both freelance and with ASAR digital agency in Dublin.   My specialist areas are business innovation strategy, technology consultancy and design.

I moved from Dublin to the Wild Atlantic Way on the South West of Ireland a year ago to take a break from city life and reconnect with family and nature.  I strongly believe in your business supporting your life’s goals and bringing you financial and location independence, wherever possible.  It is an incredible time to be in business and I look forward to working with you to create a business that supports the life you want to live.

Phil Clusker

Phil Clusker

Website Design & Customer Service

Phil is our main technical support staff – he is the voice at the other end of the line when you have any difficulties and also provides the main email support to answer any of your questions.